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SEO Forecasting in Google Sheets

Posted by Tom.Capper Way back in 2015, I published an article giving away a free, simple, forecasting tool, and talking through use cases for forecasting in SEO. It was a quick, effective way to see if a change to your site traffic is some kind of seasonality you can ignore, something to celebrate, or a worrying sign of traffic loss. In short: you could enter in a series of data, and it would plot it out on a graph like the image above. Five years later, I still get people — from former colleagues to [...]

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The Anatomy of the Perfect Pitch Email

Posted by amandamilliganIf you need to get backlinks and generate brand awareness for clients, a great way to start is by creating original research and then pitching that research to writers. But the promotion of your work is probably the trickiest part, and a lot of it comes down to the pitch email you send to a writer. To make this task a bit less daunting, in this episode of Whiteboard Friday, Amanda Milligan of Fractl walks you through a real pitch email that resulted in coverage of one of their stories. Click on the whiteboard [...]

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Finding Keyword Opportunities Without Historical Data

Posted by Imogen_DaviesAt Google’s Search On event in October last year, Prabhakar Raghavan explained that 15% of daily queries are ones that have never been searched before. If we take the latest figures from Internet Live Stats, which state 3.5 billion queries are searched every day, that means that 525 million of those queries are brand new. That is a huge number of opportunities waiting to be identified and worked into strategies, optimization, and content plans. The trouble is, all of the usual keyword research tools are, at best, a month behind with the data [...]

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How We Increased Our Client’s Leads by 751% on Less Than £1K Per Month [Case Study]

Posted by LydiaGermanIt’s a common misunderstanding that working with a small budget for SEO means you can’t generate results. How can you possibly make enough improvements to the site in so few hours per month? Well, for us at Tao Digital Marketing, our work with Fleetcover goes to show that results can be achieved by focusing on the most important changes in the little time you have. In this case study, we’ll break down how we increased leads by 751%, keywords by 259% and impressions by 535% on a budget of less than £1,000 / [...]

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Study Confirms Moz Has the Largest Link Data Set

Posted by CassandraLeeAnneBacklinks continue to be especially valuable for SEO, acting as a signal to search engines that vouches for both the value of your content and the worthiness of your website. In measuring the success of your backlink efforts and informing your future SEO priorities, the data matters. Depending on the tool you use, your results can vary greatly and — in this case — the more data the better. With this in mind, we’re excited to share that Moz has the largest link data set, according to a study done by Perficient. Methodology [...]

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Outranking Tough Competitors: My One-Year Study of a Google Local Finder

Posted by MiriamEllis Image credit: Sharon Mollerus A new client comes to your digital marketing agency and says their competitors are stuck to the local packs like mussels cleaved to coastal rock. “How do we edge our way up in Google’s local finder, and find our place above the tideline? We don’t even know where to begin,” the local business owner says. The rough truth is that Google’s local search engine results often don’t make sense at first glance, or even at second or third glances. Local brands are left to puzzle out how to [...]

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A (Re)Introduction to Guest Posting

Posted by CitationLabsGarrett French — founder of Citation Labs and all around link building expert — takes you on a comprehensive walkthrough of guest posting on sites supported by sales. Why is this a good strategy? How do your posts benefit these websites? How do you start and what websites do you reach out to? Watch to find out! Click on the whiteboard image above to open a high resolution version in a new tab! Video Transcription Hello, folks. My name is Garrett French, and I'm a link builder. I run Citation Labs. We have [...]

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4 SEO Strategies for Programmatic Sites

Posted by RoyhPlanning and executing SEO strategies for sites with hundreds of millions of pages is no easy task, but there are strategies to make it simpler. Programmatic pages are pages that have been generated automatically on a very large scale. SEO strategies for these pages are used to target multiple keyword variations by creating landing pages at that scale automatically. You’ll typically find these pages in major verticals like e-commerce, real estate, travel, and informational sites. These verticals are relying on programmatic pages to build their SEO strategy, and they have a dedicated page [...]

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The Best-Laid Plans: Can We Predict Anything About 2021?

Posted by Dr-PeteI've deleted this introduction twice. To say that no one could've predicted how 2020 unfolded seems trite since we're not even a month into 2021, and this new year has already unraveled. Our challenges in the past year, across the globe, have gone far beyond marketing, and I doubt any of us ended the year the way we expected. This graph from Google Trends tells the story better than I can: The pandemic fundamentally rewrote the global economy in a way none of us has ever experienced, and yet we have to find a [...]

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8 Unconventional Ways to Generate Qualified B2B Sales Leads

Posted by Nadya_KhojaWe know there are numerous ways to generate B2B sales leads, but let’s face it, the same old methods have been done to death. It’s time to take an unconventional approach to lead generation, especially for B2B companies, because B2B is a different ballgame than B2C — and your strategies need to reflect your audience. As a refresher, here’s how organization goals differ in the B2C versus the B2B sectors: Source: Venngage Before we begin detailing these B2B methods, it’s important to keep in mind that lead generation isn’t a one-and-done deal. You [...]

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